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Scribe Tribe is a leading provider of medical scribe personnel and staff for physician practices and hospitals.   Our company works with physicians, practice administrators, and hospital administrations to supplement their needs with personnel skilled using the latest EMR/EHR technology. Clients employing our scribes report that their physicians are happier, more efficient, and more profitable.  Additionally, hospital administrators also report improvement in better patient visit documentation, increased charge capture, and physician retention.  Finally, scribes also report high job satisfaction. 

For physicians seeking to learn more about how our scribe services will make a positive difference in your daily routine, please contact us or read more by visiting:  For Doctors.

For hospital administrators interested in learning more about how scribes can improve physician efficiencies, charge capture, physician retention, and other benefits, we encourage you to contact us to learn more or visit: For Hospitals.

For scribes (or individuals interested in becoming scribes), seeking to learn more, please contact us to learn about our exciting opportunities.  You may also visit our Scribe page for more information. For Scribes.