How It Works

Scribe Tribe is very similar to a vertical staffing company specializing in healthcare.  Scribe Tribe hires and pays the salary & benefits of our scribe staff.  We train our staff in the latest EMR/EHR systems.  We also train our scribes to be professional and courteous observers.  Similar to medical assistants, our scribes follow (shadow) physicians during patient visits.  Our scribes work with clients to improve physician efficiency by capturing and documenting the details of each episode.  Physicians no longer need be slaves to the multitude of data entry screens to input critical data; they will only need to review the information for accuracy.  Our scribes are experts at navigating the various EMR/EHR systems and they are much more cost efficient at using those systems than physicians.

Our physicians and hospital clients are already reaping the rewards of utilizing our scribes while minimizing the risks and costs associated with employing and training fulltime scribes themselves.  If you are interested in learning more about how you too can leverage our scribes for your practice or hospital, please contact Scribe Tribe.



"I just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful job and opportunity. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and really feel at home at  the Medical Center. The doctors and nurses are all great people and the hospital is a wonderful environment to work, so thank you again."

Drew Gastin