Benefits of Medical Scribes

Medical scribes are a "win-win" proposition for hospital administrators and physicians.   Scribes are an invaluable resource that doctors and administrators can both leverage to realize many benefits including:

Benefits for Physicians Benefits for Hospitals

Increase / Improve:

  • Ability to see more patients
  • Detailed / Better documentation
  • Charge capture
  • Free time
  • Time practicing medicine
  • Compensation

Reduce / Eliminate:

  • Time documenting patient visits
  • Time on administrative tasks
  • Time learning frustrating computer systems such as EHR/EMR
  • Stress
  • Errors


  • Scribes pay for themselves thru increased efficiencies and improved charge capture
  • Improve physician quality of life
  • Reduce errors in patient medical records
  • Increase charge capture with more accurate and detailed medical records
  • Reduce physician turnover
  • Reduce physician frustration
  • Take care of patients more efficiently
  • Increase EHR/EMR adoption rate
  • Improve compliance with EHR usage