Medical Scribes for Doctors

Do you find it tiresome to input every little detail about your patients? Do you wish you could interact with them instead of interacting with your computer or recording device? Scribe Tribe offers personal documentation assistants (A.K.A. Scribes) who can significantly improve the quality of medical care you provide.

Patients appreciate practitioners who look them in the eye and hear their every concern. Hire a Scribe in order to spend more quality time listening to and conversing with your patients rather than typing on a device. Satisfied physicians yield more satisfied patients, thus improving the success of your practice.

Imagine increasing your patient load while decreasing your stress load. Sound impossible? Not with a personal Scribe. Scribes are trained to quickly and accurately record specifics while you focus on what you do best: treating the patient. Since Scribes transcribe records in real time, you don’t waste valuable minutes between patient visits logging details. With your time saved, you can see extra patients or enjoy a shorter workday!

By utilizing the services of a Scribe, not only do you save time, your practice saves money. Scribes increase your speed and efficiency as a provider, reducing the need for additional physicians. Instead of hiring another physician to take on patient-load, consider hiring a Scribe to maximize your capacity as well as the capacity of your fellow practitioners.