Medical Scribes for Hospitals

Minimizing errors is a critical concern of every hospital administrator. Hiring Scribes to assist rounding physicians reduces a variety of potential errors that may occur when a doctor or surgeon documents his own interactions with patients.

Although there are now mini-computers and tablets to record real time patient interaction, physicians who use these devices themselves could easily miss the subtle details of a face-to-face conversation. In order to deliver the highest quality medical care, it is essential for providers to understand informational nuances communicated by their patients. Scribes assume the responsibility of recording provider-patient interaction, allowing physicians to focus on their areas of expertise.

For providers who choose the classic route of oral dictation, there is often a delay between patient visitation and recording time. Whether the delay is several minutes or several hours, there is margin for error as the provider attempts to recall the details of a previous conversation. Scribes eliminate the delay that often occurs between the time when a physician interacts with his patient and the time he records his interaction, thereby reducing physician error from rushing or memory lapses. Since a Scribe records in real time in the presence of the physician and patient, she can clear up any misunderstandings in the moment they occur. A Scribe who documents provider-patient interaction in the presence of the provider is much more accurate than a traditional transcriptionist whose accuracy is hindered by background noise and breaks in clarity common in audio recordings.

Since Scribes transcribe in real time, there is also no turnaround time for documentation. Since patient information is instantly available, hospitals can operate more efficiently. Departments can communicate more quickly, and patients can receive treatment immediately. By reducing lag time, hospitals are able to serve more patients (with greater patient satisfaction) and are, therefore, more profitable.

The equation is simple. Scribes = a more profitable, more efficient hospital environment.

For Hospitals and Physicians

The role of Scribes with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Have you noticed that EHRs are coming rapidly to seemingly every hospital, Emergency Department, and physician’s office? Good news, right? Yes and no. EHRs bring many benefits to healthcare organizations. But less publicized is the substantial decrease in user productivity that occurs with the introduction of an EHR. It has been shown that physician productivity is typically reduced by 30%. This not only impacts revenue for the physician and physician group but also for the hospital. Scribes blunt this negative effect of an EHR during the transition phase and return the physician to pre-EHR levels quickly and eventually improve productivity beyond pre-EHR levels. This increased productivity due to Scribe utilization easily pays for the cost of Scribes and then some. Make your transition to an EHR as seamless and painless as possible.